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“It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are.”Paul Caponigro

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When we first began talking about this project with our friends Ann and Rhonda, this was the main thing on our minds. We weren’t interested in lining people up at an event and taking a generic snapshot of them. Making a portrait of someone is a very special thing for us. It’s not about matching outfits or perfect hair or even a pristine background. Taking a true portrait enables not only the photographer, but also the eventual viewers, to learn something about the person in front of the camera. A good portrait allows you to look in a person’s eyes and at their expressions, and know them…even if you’ll never meet them.

Friday night we had the opportunity to make these types of portraits. The setup was nothing fancy. Just a plain white backdrop, a bench, and some lighting. And with that we were able to make the kind of photographs we had been wanting to make for a very long time. The result was more than we could have ever hoped for. Not only did we make some truly spectacular portraits, but we had the most fabulous time doing so!

We took photos of ¬†friends, family and some new friends that we were just meeting for the first time. We photographed babies, couples, and groups of friends. And there are just no words to describe how happy taking these photos has made us. When doing what you love also makes other people happy – well there just isn’t anything better than that.

A huge thank you to everyone who attended the event and graciously stepped in front of the camera for us. And also to those helped orchestrate it. You won’t soon be forgotten by us, we assure you.

We hope everyone takes a few minutes to look through the photos and enjoys them as much as we do. This experience has filled us with love, inspiration and hope for the future. And that is the greatest gift anyone could give.

~ Alan & Kristina


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